Moonstrucker vs. Vampire’s Kiss

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Moonstrucker vs. Vampire’s Kiss

The Cagefighters pit the next two comedies from ‘89 against the other: Moonstruck, an Italian-American romance Cagefighter Steve calls, “The Cher/Nicolas Cage cougar-bait film of the last millennium,” versus Vampire’s Kiss – one of Cage’s most batty and meme-ified roles. It’s also Nic Cage as a vampire hunter who is hunting himself because… he’s, well, a vampire, duh.

Cagefighter Shawn discusses deleted scenes from The Color Out of Space and Reece delivers a sultry Nic List. Find out which Cage movie wins in the end!

Our next two films will be Time to Kill and Wild at Heart.

As an added bonus for our listeners, each instance of the word Cher in this episode has been auto-tuned.

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