Cotton Cage & Birdy DOUBLE FEATURE

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Cotton Cage & Birdy DOUBLE FEATURE

Welcome to our first CAGE DOUBLE FEATURE review, where we stumble through Francis Ford Coppola’s forgettable jazz-gangster flick Cotton Club followed by a thorough review of the disturbing, furry-friendly Birdy. Actually, we never thought a movie would send us deep into a sordid discussion of human/animal sex, or of Nic Cage’s fascination with grabbing boobies, but then we’ve never seen a movie quite like Birdy. Thankfully there are probably laws against this kind of thing now. Things go off the rails towards the end, but we decided to keep it all in. Don’t forget to check out Steve’s Princess Mononoke music video mentioned in the podcast. No furries were harmed in the making of this episode.

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