Cageless: WandaVision Mid-Season Chat

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Cageless: WandaVision Mid-Season Chat

Why isn’t Nicolas Cage in WandaVision? We team up with fellow podcast host, comic shop owner, writer, and Super Knowledge Man Jordan Lowe to ask the tough questions about this intriguing series that’s the best thing on Disney+ since Dunston Checks In 2: Orang-aTAT-TAT-TAT.

Shawn revels in his supreme knowledge of everything Marvel, which causes Reece to question his life choices. We discuss our favorite sitcoms and try to predict future events that may or may not unfold in WandaVision. So drop in to our small gated community, kick back and ignore the static. We’re taking a ride on the wild side. 

Jordan Lowe joins us from KA-POW! The Pop-Cultured Podcast. Check out more of his work at Oh, and stay tuned for Season 3 of Late Night Cage Fight. We have lots more movie madness coming your way!


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