8MM: We Review a Snuff Film

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8MM: We Review a Snuff Film

Have you ever wanted to buy the most deplorable pornography you can imagine from a man beneath the subway? Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to crowdfund a REAL snuff film? (1st world problems, I know.)

If you answered YES to either question, then this may be the review for YOU! So switch your cybertruck to autopilot, crank that Vision Pro volume to EARBLEED, and relax with us while we talk Nicolas Cage’s role in the 1999 thriller 8MM.

We Cagefighters were admittedly delighted and disturbed by this tragic tale of porno deep dives, one-percenter torture fantasies, and revenge murder. Hear our thoughts and concerns, and please someone get us in touch with a good therapist for the love of god.




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